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Hey, Chris Conrady here! I'm so excited that you're here. I have planned one of the most hands-on, comprehensive trainings ever

Recently my partner and I scaled an eCommerce brand from zero to $1,000,000 in just 9 short months. Now, we're looking to start another!

We're looking for an exclusive group of 35 people that want to see  the behind scenes process LIVE, from creation to promotion
Wait! It Gets Better STILL...
I'm just one half of the Brand Profits Blueprint. 

The other half is my best friend and partner, Julia Kleinedler, who has implemented a ton of amazing things to our business that has scaled us exponentially.

When we combined the powerful things I know about Facebook Ads and Branding... 

With the knowledge Julia has on project management and branding - 

Well, the results have simply been amazing

With one of our main brands, we've consistently been able generate six figures per month; in fact for this month, we're sitting at about $125k. 

100%, this is our passion. Being able to build something from scratch, an idea, and see it manifest itself each and every day. Nothing is more empowering.
Brand Profits Blueprint
A successful brand has three distinct components. A USP (unique selling proposition), fan base of buyers, and a great buying experience. 

These three things working together are what keep customers engaged and coming back. 

BUT, the problem is that a lot of store owners nowadays don't focus on any of these components. They thrive from one sale to the next, which is a recipe for a highly unsustainable business. 

It's 2018. The ONLY way to survive is by building a brand

My partner Julia and I have cracked the code after spending thousands of dollars and countless hours testing. We've discovered a few underground systems that have only been shared with a small group of 37 people previously. 

The goal is to reveal as much as possible during the 3 weeks, while you see LIVE... the build of our next brand. I still can't believe i'm allowing people to come watch this.

This training is designed for the beginners AND the advanced. It's beneficial for anybody looking to start or scale their business. 

I'll be leading the 3-week training, but will be bringing on my business  partner Julia to go over specifics that she specializes in. 

My goal is that most of you will build your eCommerce brands alongside us, and eventually have a store generating thousands of dollars per month. I'd recommend having at least $500 of startup costs to put into starting your brand. 

Regardless though of whether you want a store, the skills you will learn over these 3 weeks will be invaluable
Here Is Just A Taste Of The Secrets That Will Be Revealed In Brand Profits Blueprint:
🔵 How we built an eCommerce brand to $1 million dollars in just 9 months... HINT: there is an underground print on demand system that is crushing it in 2018...

🔵 How to get people to latch on to your brand and become lifelong fans... imagine being able to see exactly how we put systems to build those lifelong relationships.

🔵 How to destroy writer's block, and get your store done in half the time! Writer's block is by far the biggest reason people fail with eCommerce... because most people never launch their store! But we're going show you the simple shift you can make so you can effortlessly build and launch your store in under 7 days. 

🔵 The "Profit Retargeting Blueprint" so that you know exactly how to retarget your visitors with ads and get the most bang for your buck (and why direct sales pitches don't always work.)
🔵 The BIGGEST mistake most people make when launching their store (and what you should do instead so that you can maximize your results)

🔵 The single greatest elements of proof you can use inside of your store and marketing... AND 3 ways you can make your claims more believable and trustworthy. 

🔵 OFFER MASTERY: A simple formula for crafting compelling offers that 10x your results. Watch over the shoulder as we create product offers during the promotion phase...
🔵 The #1 reason why most peoples stores fail the first two weeks (and what you can do to ensure yours is a massive success)

🔵 Our "Content Domination Roadmap" that allows you to seamlessly create video content for your brand and establish massive credibility and retention. You'd be surprised how many people aren't utilizing this hidden method!

🔵 How you can easily make an extra $5,000 per month by utilizing email marketing. Watch over the shoulder as we create auto-pilot automations. 

🔵 How to drive traffic organically using one of the greatest platforms on planet Earth: Pinterest... a hidden gem driving us hundreds of free leads every single day. 

🔵 The shift we made in our business when building our brand that catapulted our growth and success virtually overnight. This is ONE thing that holds most store owners back from massive success!
The hardest part is getting started. We were able to scale Eli to $300 in sales on day 3.
🔵 How to inject the principles of psychology into your brand story, and effectively be able to resonate that message at every touchpoint. This strategy alone has generated us over $100,000.
🔵 Brand Name Mastery... by far the most important part of building your brand is coming up with a compelling name that that's unique and memorable. We've simplified the process for you.

🔵 How we just spent $1200 on an Instagram shoutout and got back $9,000 (we mainly use Instagram now if we're working with high level celebrities... if you follow this proven system, it can be a game-changer for you.)

🔵 Why Messenger Bots are the wave of the future. We have 3,000 people inside of Messenger that we can market to at the tap of a button. See how to create your bot list so you have a lifelong asset. 

🔵 How to get professional photography for your brand in the most cost efficient way. 
🔵 One of the GREATEST MISTAKES people make when momentum picks up (hint: this has to do with your traffic source. What YOU should do instead.) 

🔵 Customer Communication Template. One key factor in the success of your brand is how you communicate with customers, and whether you it effectively! You have to know what they want and need. Learn how to inject surveys into your sales process so you can increase sales almost overnight. 
🔵 How to locate buyers in the community that you've already built. See EXACTLY how to use the customer base you're building to automate your sales and build a longterm revenue strategy. The easiest way to increase profit margins. 

🔵 How dialing in on our "why" in the marketplace increased our purchase conversion rate by 1% (most people will not visit your "about" page, so using every touchpoint to your advantage is crucial. 

🔵 A proven customer experience technique that propelled us to $100k+ per month (this will assure that you stand out in the sea of competitors.)

🔵 The "Tell Me More" Story Template... how to create a captivating brand story that will catch the attention of your customers so that you can build a relationship. 

🔵 How to increase perceived value and affinity toward your products. It's all about psychology and context. 
Warning: The LIVE Sessions Start In:
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